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With the chilly winter weather on the way, for all of us comes the risk of those unwelcome coughs, head colds and the dreaded flu. It’s hard to get through the sneezing season without succumbing to some sort of illness, so we thought we’d give you some tips on how best to ‘bulletproof your immune system’ to fight off viruses, bacteria and beat the winter nasties!


The four S’s: Scarfs, saunas, spicy foods and sleep! Although this may seem like common sense, there is a scientific basis to it. Most importantly, you have to keep yourself warm! There is a good reason why your body induces a fever when you’re ill… it’s your body’s way of fighting off infection by overheating itself. The same goes when you’re trying to ward off pathogenic organisms! Elevate your core body temperature by keeping warm both inside and out. Also, in conjunction with this, getting plenty of sleep is vital too. Sleep is when your body shuts down so your immune system can re-charge itself to fight off potential invasion or recuperate itself after infections to repair tissues and prevent a relapse of illness.


Food is medicine! And that’s what we’re all about at Cali Press. During the winter period, you want to be fuelling your body with the best possible nutrients to maintain optimal immune resistance. We’re talking freshly prepared meals containing organic fruits, vegetables and proteins. In between meals, rinse off any invading microbes by drinking plenty of filtered water and make sure you have a range of high antioxidant juices, herbal teas and concentrated Tonic Shots! Cali Press Tonics are nutrient dense powerhouses supplemented with superfoods such as Echinacea and Kakadu Plum; a rich source of vitamin C, which is essential when it comes to bulletproofing your immune system.


We recommend exercising daily to get your blood pumping and circulating around your body! However, we do urge you to avoid over-training when you’re feeling a little sluggish because this can quickly suppress your immunity. Don’t be mistaken, daily exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system, but it must be done in conjunction with a good balance of the suggestions above… To re-iterate: staying warm, having bed rest and ingesting plenty of nutrients is what makes it all work – healing simply cannot happen when you’re constantly on the go!


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