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After a long day at work, crafting a healthy meal may not sound exciting, but realistically, this is when we need quality nutrition the most. Energy levels and stress hormones should be taken care of through a proper, nourishing dinner and the good news is, it doesn’t need to be tricky. So, thanks to Sami Bloom, we have some great tips and tricks to save you time in the kitchen, making sure that by 7pm you aren’t reaching for fast food delivery apps or just settling for toast.


Prep Your Leafy Greens

Pre slice, wash and spin-dry bundles of spinach, rocket, lettuce, purple cabbage, de-stem kale and keep them in airtight glass containers in the fridge. This way, when you’re ready whip up your meal, you can grab a vital handful of greens at any time.

Bake Your Veggies

Walk in the door, throw pumpkin, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic etc. in the oven on 180 C and let it cook whilst you shower, tend to children, or just simply put your feet up for a few moments. No need to peel or chop (especially if buying organic) just wash and let them cook for 20–60mins depending on your type of veggies and their size.

Pre Cooked/Soaked Grains

These should always be kept on hand as a quick and healthy way to bulk up your meals. Soak grains in the fridge in glass tupperware for a few days, so they are at the ready for you to drain, rinse and cook… soaking them aids digestion and absorption of the nutrients. Start off with 1 x cup of brown rice in one tupperware and 1 x cup quinoa in another. If this is too fiddly for you, packet quinoa takes no more than 14 minutes to cook and is a wonderfully healthy addition to any meal.


Spice It Up!

Having spices on hand is essential to making meals more flavoursome and nutritious. Turmeric, cumin, curry, chili and cinnamon are among the favourites while herbamare seasoning is a great way to intensely flavour meals with no additional salt. You will be surprised how good your whole-cooked veggies, tempeh or boiled grains taste with some of this thrown in.


Pre-made Diced Tomatoes

These make the easiest curry, soup or pasta sauce base! Add them to a pan with some cumin spice, garlic, salt and pepper (at minimum) and you are good to go in 10!


Settle With A Smoothie (late night)

If you get home late, don’t feel guilty about taking the easy way out. A smoothie is a quick and easy meal in itself, with minimal washing up and maximum nutrition. Including handfuls of greens is a good way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, considering you are replacing a full meal with a liquid alternative… plenty of fibre in one of these!

Late Night Smoothie:

• 1 banana
• 2-3 cups spinach or other leafy greens of choice
• Almond milk
• 1 tbsp flaxseed oil
• 1 date
• 3-4 brazil nuts or walnuts
• ½ cup berries or mango (optional)
• A pinch of nutmeg to help induce sleep

OR Head to your local Cali Press cafe and grab yourself a Green Room or Field Of Greens Smoothie, pop it in the freezer and save it for later!

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