100% raw cold pressed juices,
smoothies, coffee & wholefoods

Cali Press has just launched in Auckland with cold pressed juices, smoothies and coffee available daily. We also offer a great range of wholefoods and snacks, as well as detox juice cleanse programs.


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Handcrafted Cold Pressed Juice

From metabolic boosters to rich anti-oxidant detoxifiers, our 100% raw cold pressed juices are essentially raw fruit and vegetables in a bottle. We apply a complete cold chain thus ensuring maximum retention of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes extracted from the fresh produce.

Our market leading juice cleanses are designed to cleanse and detoxify while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Reset and rejuvenate your system by ordering a juice cleanse delivery in Auckland!

We Use Allpress Espresso Coffee

Allpress use only the highest quality beans sourced from sustainably managed coffee farms around the world. Their beans are roasted exclusively using the Hot Air Roast method which elevates natural sweetness to achieve a smooth taste, and gives the lasting flavour Allpress Espresso is known for. At Cali Press we pair Allpress Espresso with an extensive premium milk selection, from cold pressed almond, organic soy and coconut, as well as permeate free dairy.

Healthy Eating Made Delicious!

These are just some of the reasons why Cali Press health cafes are so popular:

  • We care about health and aim to provide the finest food and drinks helping to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  • Our selection of wholefoods are free from toxins and chemicals to maximise body benefits.
  • We're always looking for ways to be environmentally friendly and support local suppliers.

Online Ordering!

Drop by a cafe to experience our full product selection, or order juice cartons and cleanses directly online via our secure and user-friendly website:

  • Place an order and select the option to pick-up from a Cali cafe or select Auckland delivery which can be delivered to your home, office or event.
  • Cold pressed juices are delivered chilled in cooler boxes daily to retain their maximum freshness.

It’s A Date

Visit your local Cali Press health cafe in Auckland today! Click here for our locations and opening times, which can vary throughout the seasons. Or you can browse our online store to enjoy our range of premium juice cartons and cleanse programs. Place an order to arrange a delivery in Auckland at a time that suits you. If you would like any more information about our online products or Cali cafes, simply drop us a line and say hi to us at info@calipress.co.nz.